Redlands by Timothy J. Reynolds

Transport your new iPhone 5 to the surface of Mars. Also includes iPad and desktop versions, all Retina.

CUBEN Space Titan by Simon C Page

Beautiful, colorful geometric wallpapers for your new Retina iPad. Even better, you can tile these and they work pretty nicely on your Retina MacBook Pro. Includes many other variations to boot.

Jaune by mariesturges

Bright, sharp and colorful. A bit of a nautical theme never hurt anyone. iPad version available as well. (Submitted by Zackary Corbett.)

Take it to the Limit by Ian Collins

Currently our favorite iPad wallpaper—we’re using this for both our lock and home screens. View the rest of Ian’s iPad wallpaper collection.

Vein by Ian Collins

Another great iPad wallpaper.

View From Pass by Ian Collins

One of many beautiful photos taken by Ian Collins for use as your iPad’s home screen, lock screen, or both. We’ll be featuring several of Ian’s iPad wallpapers this week.

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