Guist by FateZoom

A warm, soft-focus photo of moss makes for a much better wallpaper than one might think. Also includes iPhone/iPad versions.

Looove by Vladstudio

This is a little late for Valentine’s day, but better late than never. Also available in an alternate color.

Superhigh by kon

Space, stars and purple—if kon has created it, it fits this description and we’ve probably posted it here.

Skype Replacements by Gianluca75

Six different replacement icons in the style of the FaceTime icon.

Vintage Yellow by sabioingrato

Nothing helps you ignore the cold winter like a springy wallpaper. Includes an iPhone version as well.

Breeze by BSA-Danny

Hey, it’s a bokeh wallpaper, which means you’re looking at Prettify*, where we love bokeh wallpapers.